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    Acoustics of your auditorium

    Acoustics of your auditorium

    The acoustics in the auditorium are not only the result of the acoustic panels you are installing in the auditorium.

    Another very important measure of acoustics in the auditorium is the acoustics level of the seats themselves.

    SeatUpTurkey® produces auditorium seating which have been acoustically tested . How do we produce an

    Auditorium seats with high acoustics? We use a very high quality upholstery fabric, a fabric that has acoustic


    The polyurethane that we pour in the molds ourselves for producing the seats is of a high acoustic quality.

    Even we produce Acoustic panels that are made of the same material high acoustic quality polyurethane which has

    been tested acoustic test.

    So when you’re looking for acoustic seats for your auditorium, only SeatUpTurkey®  manufacturing Auditorium

    seating with good and recommended acoustic level for your Auditorium hall.

    We can guarantee you that high quality Auditorium seating made by SeatUpTurkey® will do the right Acoustic effect

    in your Auditorium hall.

    The acoustics in the Auditorium are extremely important, As an auditorium without good acoustics is simply making

    joke of work! After all, the whole idea of ​​Auditorium Hall is to allow a comfortable space for speaking and playing

    parts of speech or music, so the acoustics must be at the highest level and without compromise.

    SeatUpTurkey® with you for the solution!

    Export@seatupturkey.net +905427196712


    EG900 by seatupturkey Export@seatupturkey.net +905427196712

    EG900 model by seatupturkey Export@seatupturkey.net +905427196712

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    led lighting by Acoustima and seatupturkey

    how to combine Led lighting in the acoustic panels and Cinema hall ?

    how to combine Led lighting in the acoustic panels and Cinema hall ?

    The idea of combine and install led lighting in the Cinema hall and even in Auditorium hall is a quite familiar to you as I guess. We all know that it is adding very fancy look to the cinema, but how to decide the design and shape?

    First you need to analyze the size of your movie theater /Cinema hall.

    Does it has stairs? In the cinema hall, a line of LED lighting is installed on all the stairs.

    But if it is a conference hall or Auditorium, there is no need of line on each step,

    but you can install the LED on every 3 or 4 steps.

    The importance of LED lighting in the cinemas on the stairs is especially  to help the audience

    to orient themselves in the space especially when they arrive after the lights in the hall have been turned off and the

    stair lights warn them not to fall. In some cases, there are no stairs in the hall, and in such a situation, the LED

    lighting should be installed to the extent of the hall around it.

    Of course when it comes to a movie theater  and cinemas after  the film has been started all the lights are turned off

    including the LED light and it is lit again towards the end of the movie or during commercials.


    And there is also the LED light that is inside the wall between the acoustic wall panels. Such lighting adds a great

    deal of aesthetics and a look of luxury to the hall.

    You can design straight and short lines horizontally or vertically. And if you want something more special then you

    can draw diagonal lines or literally shapes such as hexagons and more.

    What is important is that the owner of the cinema has simple and fast control over turning off the LED lights, since

    they can sometimes be too harsh to the eye or simply need to be switched on or off. It is highly recommended to

    create a few separate lines in the hall so that it is not just one switch that turns off everything at once but rather has

    to be separated and divided between the lines in order to create control over the amount of LEDs you want to turn on

    and off. This will give you more flexibility to decide how much you want to light each time. Depending on changing

    situations, you may choose to use a larger or smaller amount of LED lighting so that as many lines as possible are

    separated in the hall. This will also allow you to design the hall with a different color LED bulb and you can also use

    it as a sign. For example, you can determine that when a red LED appears, this is a commercial break and when

    blue LED turn on then it is a sign that the movie is about to start soon, etc.

    If so, let us say that the LED light is not only an aesthetic and impressive design but also an important tool in the

    cinema halls in order to warn visitors from the stairs in the dark hall and also to mark different things to them.

    However, LED lighting is a particularly good option in order to prepare the hall for fancy look and impressive style

    that attracts visitors.

    We manufacture Acoustic panels and chairs for cinemas and will be happy to help design and install the LED lighting

    between the panels in the wall  or by the lighting strip on the stairs.

    For details:

    export@seatupturkey.net +905427196712

    led lighting by Acoustima and seatupturkey

    led lighting by Acoustima and seatupturkey

    led lighting by Acoustima and seatupturkey

    led lighting by Acoustima and seatupturkey

    led lighting by Acoustima and seatupturkey

    led lighting by Acoustima and seatupturkey

    led lighting by Acoustima and seatupturkey

    led lighting by Acoustima and seatupturkey

    Wooden panel and led lighting by Acoustima and seatupturkey

    Wooden panel and led lighting by Acoustima and seatupturkey

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    The end to echoing rooms

    The end to echoing rooms

    Noise between the walls is especially noticeable in echoing rooms, rooms where there is a pronounced repetition of sound waves after they hit the objects in the room.

    The result is not only a sound transition through the walls but also a reverberation within the room itself.

    The sounds in the room are less sharp and clear. The solution is also to install acoustic insulation in the walls.

    This is the solution to stop the passage of voices from the room out and also to improve acoustics inside the room.

    If, for example, you want to turn a room in your home into a recording studio where the voices have to go through the room in a sharp and clear way, then only the acoustic insulation materials in the walls will provide you with the solution.

    So what are those acoustic isolating materials?

    The insulation material for the walls comes in the form of panels or sheets that can be glued to the wall. Our materials are based on Rockwool and coated with acoustic fabric or can come in various compounds of polyurethane injection, and the sheets are easily attached to the walls.

    There are also unique 3D Acoustic panels made of Rockwool or polyurethane injection for both decoration and Acoustic performance and they can be glued to the walls easily.

    The size and thickness of those panels comes in a variety of different sizes and thickness depending on your project demend.

    As well the density of the core materials is an issue which can be deal according your project needs, as much as the density of the core material is higher that much the acoustic performance will be improved to his best.

    Different absorption are needed according the different noises when each type of noise has an ideal solution and the right acoustic panel which can deal with it.

    Don’t think that there is only 1 type of panel that can solve for you everything.
    Consult our experts to find the best material for you.

    Another solution is the construction of drywall while installing an acoustic insulation material between the plaster wall and the wall of the room. The double wall with the insulating material installed in the vacuum provides an excellent solution and absorbs the noise well.

    Acoustic insulation for walls in public buildings

    So how do you do it? What are the materials that make magic and absorb and suppress the noise?

    Do you have to dismantle the whole wall to install them?

    So first of all relax and get calm! the solution does not of course require dismantling the wall!

    When it comes to public buildings the options for insulation of the walls are many more.

    Different insulation materials can be used and the design options are varied,

    unlike a private house where we want to keep the appearance of walls as close as possible to the standard.

    In addition to plasterboard tiles, decorative acoustic panels, perforated wood panels and other materials can be used to absorb the insulation.

    Acoustics for walls

    The acoustic solution for your wall is just ACOUSTIMA® 

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    Stretch ceilings are reflective and ingenious designs!

    Stretch ceilings are reflective and ingenious designs!

    They can actually change the atmosphere in the environment in which they are installed.
    In buildings with low ceilings the stretched ceiling creates the illusion that the ceiling is 7 times higher than it really is and it gives a feeling of a larger surface area in space.
    This is actually also a way to truly impress the customers in your survivability of your home guests and viewers at your cinema. It is important to note that it is possible to control the lighting and extinguishing of the horizontal ceiling on the remote control or switch when and how you wish.
    All in all it is a simple and inexpensive product that we create and send to you in the warranty box and if you need an installation we will be happy to send our team to help.

    So your Stretch ceilings is waiting for you just give us a call



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    Acoustics Over time we lost the ability to listen

    Acoustics Over time we lost the ability to listen

    For thousands of years, human hearing has been developed in accordance with an external environment, free of unnatural sound and independent of acoustics. Evolution has kept us away from nature and sounds like flowing streams and bird chirping have been replaced by unnatural sound returns, for example machines and devices; Such as air conditioning, printers and telephones.

    This unnatural sound environment not only interferes with our hearing and communication, it also affects our well-being and performance. Acoustics or lack of acoustics is the main factor.

    Today, almost 90% of our time we spend at home, at the office or traveling to our workplace. Think about it – how many hours do you spend at home on a normal day? How do you perceive the acoustical environment in its external place compared to the office?

    In order to improve the indoor acoustic environment we must aspire to resemble the natural external acoustic environment by using the Acoustima® company panels!

    Listen to the lecture from the TED conference on the short 10 minutes video below,

    A must for every architect and designer to see:

    Julian Treasure: Why architects need to use their ears

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    3D panels Design Competition!

    Now we offer you 50% discount on our 3D Acoustic panels to those who will offer us new shapes for 3D panels. Your drawing should be sent to our email address export@acoustima.com and we will get back each one of you in 24 hours with answers and we will also announce in this forum about the winners of the competition.

    The winners of the competition will get 50% discount on our 3D panels!!!

    So are you going to suprise us with your new innovative design ideas? This campaign starts today and runs until 10.3.2018

    And for the meantime watch our Acoustima spin® panel!

    The Acoustima spin® panel is now available at a low price in a size of 60×60 per each panel… The ultimate solution for those looking to get high acoustics performance together with an impressive aesthetic look and innovative design,
    The installation is very simple, use wall glue and just paste it.
    The main use of the panel is mainly in cinemas, but many also choose to use it in auditorium and conference rooms in the public and private sectors.
    A new idea that came up is actually why not use the panel in preparing partitions between office desks.
    Or it is also possible to create acoustic sitting pods areas using this panel or other panels from our three-dimensional acoustic panel series .

    Acoustima spin® panel photo2

    Acoustima spin® panel photo2

    Acoustima spin® panel photo

    Acoustima spin® panel photo

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    Wooden seatback or upholstered seatback?

    Today we are going to talk about what is better Auditorium seat with a wooden seatback? Auditorium seat with a plastic seatback? Or simply an auditorium seat with full upholstery seatback?

    plastic seatback by seatpturkey

    plastic seatback by seatpturkey

    upholstered seatback by seatupturkey

    upholstered seatback by seatupturkey

    wooden seatback by seatupturkey

    wooden seatback by seatupturkey

    The people who prefer the back of the seat with some cover will say that it is better not to get dirty and not hurt, especially in cinemas and in the halls where young students or teenagers use to leaning in rows to kick or put the shoes against the back of the seat which causes not to see dirty and may even damage the upholstery himself.

    And certainly more so in stadiums or gymnasiums and sport courts, Some of the audience have a tendency to kick or climb on the back of the seat, and in such a situation your seats must to have a particularly hard plastic back otherwise they won’t keep long.

    Well what would be cheaper price with padded upholstery back or polyproplane (plastic) back ?

    The truth is that there should not be a big difference in price between a plastic back and an upholstered back,

    But the big difference in price comes when you want the back of the seat to be made of wood cover, and certainly a 18mm or 20mm polywood shield.

    Those who prefer the back to be wooden usually want it for the prestigious design which it gives to the appearance of the auditorium hall, and of course also because they are concerned about the back of the seat that may be damaged when the audience rubs or kicks it with their shoes. Keep in mind that all of our chair and auditorium models are always upholstered with fabric or artificial leather which is easy to clean and very durable for water and detergents. So it’s more important that you make your decision by the design which you prefer and not because that you are worried from the durability of the fabric / leather .

    Another solution that can be applied which is preferred in most cases is wooden or plastic shield at the bottom of the seatback. In such a situation, you also take care of the back of the seat and keep it from kicking  legs of those sitting in rows and you still get the appearance of a padded back.

    Ultimately, the decision must be made both for design reasons and for maintaining cleanliness and visibility of the seat, and ultimately the decision is also subject to the amount of the project budget.
    In conclusion, a solution for those who are afraid for the life of the seats but do not have the money for a full wooden back, is to use a plastic back cover or half plastic cover at the bottom of the seatback which will prevent friction in the area of the shoes of the audience.

    We are here for you! please consult with us before you decide to buy any seats for Auditorium, cinema , multipurpose hall or stadium .

    seatup turkey project model name EG Airitup

    seatup turkey project model name EG Airitup

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    How do you create design houses?

    How do you create design houses? – The stages of working with an interior designer
    Create a home designed and very desirable to do with an interior designer. Why specifically with an interior designer and what are the stages of working with this professional? Answers to this in the next article…

    Some people dream about a wedding and others dream about the beautiful and stylish house they will have when they grow up. What is more enjoyable than designing your private space in a way that best reflects your character and makes you feel that you are really at home. When we leave our parents’ house it seems that the idea of ​​a “home” will remain there, but with the right design of the house and the atmosphere you create in a rented apartment, you will feel that you are at home.


    We are exposed to houses designed every step we take in these modern days. Beyond open houses and events such as “Houses from Within,” which is held each year and exposes the general public to artefacts and wonderful interior design, even when we go to a work interview or visit a friends’ home we can be exposed to real art in the form of designed houses. The question arises: How did a uniquely designed home be created? What is the process of creating design houses? How do all the elements that run through our minds and the vision that is crystallizing become a piece of reality? About this in the next article.

    Alone or with an interior designer?
    The best way to create houses that are designed both aesthetically and functionally is through an interior designer. Interior designers have undergone the appropriate training to give you the most professional and appropriate response. Sometimes we think enough creative thought to design a house ourselves but when we go into the small details it seems that many things missed the road, spending was much larger than necessary and something in the design harmony of the house does not connect to each other. Interior designer knows how to combine all the elements of the houses designed – beauty, aesthetics, practicality, functionality, budget and reflecting the character of tenants in the design of the house.

    Step One – Concept Meeting
    In order to start working with an interior designer, after we compared prices and checked the chemistry between us and the professional and chose one of the first stage would be to hold a concept meeting. At the concept meeting, you can deepen your vision of home design and describe it in detail to the interior designer. In this meeting the interior designer is exposed not only to your design vision but also to your character and understands how to combine the two into a single unit – a house designed exactly according to your demands and desires. More than once he approached the interior designer with a wide range of design ideas from a rustic living room to a modern kitchen and walls in bright colors – each of which is a wonderful idea in itself but does not fit together. The interior designer will know how to refine and soothe all the ideas you have in your mind into one harmonic design. A concept meeting is very important and is the basis for creating tastefully designed homes. In this meeting, the two sides combine their forces to carry out the mission and align their vision with each of them and how to realize it.

    Step Two – Color
    One of the most basic stages of working on design houses is choosing colors and tones for the home design. Each room can have different colors and shades, but there must be some harmony and unity in the entire house. For example, you can go wild with the colors in the bedroom and the nursery, but the kitchen, living room and corridors of the house are often linked to each other, preferably maintain a similar color line, if not identical. The game with color is reflected not only in the walls and ceilings of the house but also in the selection of furniture, accessories and decorative means in different colors. When an interior designer comes to work with paint, he thinks about the atmosphere the room needs to transmit, hot and cold tones and the use of various means to produce the desired color.

    Step Three – Wall and ceiling                                                                                                                                         Another brilliant idea is simply paste on the walls decorative tiles of the company Acoustima. These tiles are very comfortable and simple to assemble and also very user friendly. Each package comes with 15 decorative tiles in the design you choose from 20 different models that exist. The tiles are glued with silicone glue directly to the wall and then can be painted in any color you like.
    For those of you who did not like the idea of tiles made of plastic inside their home you can choose fabric-colored panels, an amazing advantage you will have in this choice is that you will also earn a special look at the wall and also improve the acoustics in your room … which is very good for those of you who are bothered by the sounds coming from your bedroom 🙂 Acoustics experts assure us that if we cover Our bedroom in acoustic panels of 4 cm thickness and 2 cm acoustic ceiling we can be avoided 100% for fear that someone will hear us conducting loud sex in bed … but wait! before you get excited it can’t work without having an acoustic heavy door which you must install in your bedroom if you want it to work! well… for those of you who want to feel special you can choose also Acoustic fabric panels with unique 3D shapes also made by Acoustima company.

    Step Four – furniture
    One of the most important elements in designing interior space of houses is the furniture. Choosing the type of furniture and its location in the home space will be an important basis for home design. When it comes to a home with an existing design that only want to change or refresh it in a new design it will not be necessary to buy new furniture for every home. For example, you can take an old armchair, paint its chassis and replace its upholstery and create a special vintage look. The interior designer will have many different design solutions for home furnishings that you have not thought of that will not only save you money but create a unique look that only you have. Various theories such as Feng Shui help us place the furniture around the house in a way that creates energy flow and design harmony. It should be emphasized that creating harmony at home does not mean that all furniture should be made of the same raw material and the same style – it will only create a monochrome and boring appearance. A children’s room emphasized the color, the innocence and the joy of living, the living room and kitchen chose a design line in advance that you would know how to furnish accordingly – rustic, modern, classical style and so on.

    Step Five – Lighting
    There is no doubt that lighting is one of the most significant criteria in design homes. A beautifully designed home that will include only fluorescent lighting will overshadow the entire design of the house. The lighting should go hand in hand with the character of the room. The wide selection of lighting fixtures offered today in the market allows to create unique lighting for any space in the house. Whether it’s floor-to-ceiling lighting for the home garden, wall lighting for hallways, lavish lighting for the living room and kitchen, spot lighting for the gallery area, lighting fixtures and decorative floor stands for the corner of the room, antique table lamps for the work area, etc. – these can significantly enhance the room’s design.

    In our company we have our own interior design team and we will be happy to help you.


    export@acoustima.com +905427196712

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