Acoustics of your auditorium

The acoustics in the auditorium are not only the result of the acoustic panels you are installing in the auditorium.

Another very important measure of acoustics in the auditorium is the acoustics level of the seats themselves.

SeatUpTurkey® produces auditorium seating which have been acoustically tested . How do we produce an

Auditorium seats with high acoustics? We use a very high quality upholstery fabric, a fabric that has acoustic


The polyurethane that we pour in the molds ourselves for producing the seats is of a high acoustic quality.

Even we produce Acoustic panels that are made of the same material high acoustic quality polyurethane which has

been tested acoustic test.

So when you’re looking for acoustic seats for your auditorium, only SeatUpTurkey®  manufacturing Auditorium

seating with good and recommended acoustic level for your Auditorium hall.

We can guarantee you that high quality Auditorium seating made by SeatUpTurkey® will do the right Acoustic effect

in your Auditorium hall.

The acoustics in the Auditorium are extremely important, As an auditorium without good acoustics is simply making

joke of work! After all, the whole idea of ​​Auditorium Hall is to allow a comfortable space for speaking and playing

parts of speech or music, so the acoustics must be at the highest level and without compromise.

SeatUpTurkey® with you for the solution!

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