The end to echoing rooms

Noise between the walls is especially noticeable in echoing rooms, rooms where there is a pronounced repetition of sound waves after they hit the objects in the room.

The result is not only a sound transition through the walls but also a reverberation within the room itself.

The sounds in the room are less sharp and clear. The solution is also to install acoustic insulation in the walls.

This is the solution to stop the passage of voices from the room out and also to improve acoustics inside the room.

If, for example, you want to turn a room in your home into a recording studio where the voices have to go through the room in a sharp and clear way, then only the acoustic insulation materials in the walls will provide you with the solution.

So what are those acoustic isolating materials?

The insulation material for the walls comes in the form of panels or sheets that can be glued to the wall. Our materials are based on Rockwool and coated with acoustic fabric or can come in various compounds of polyurethane injection, and the sheets are easily attached to the walls.

There are also unique 3D Acoustic panels made of Rockwool or polyurethane injection for both decoration and Acoustic performance and they can be glued to the walls easily.

The size and thickness of those panels comes in a variety of different sizes and thickness depending on your project demend.

As well the density of the core materials is an issue which can be deal according your project needs, as much as the density of the core material is higher that much the acoustic performance will be improved to his best.

Different absorption are needed according the different noises when each type of noise has an ideal solution and the right acoustic panel which can deal with it.

Don’t think that there is only 1 type of panel that can solve for you everything.
Consult our experts to find the best material for you.

Another solution is the construction of drywall while installing an acoustic insulation material between the plaster wall and the wall of the room. The double wall with the insulating material installed in the vacuum provides an excellent solution and absorbs the noise well.

Acoustic insulation for walls in public buildings

So how do you do it? What are the materials that make magic and absorb and suppress the noise?

Do you have to dismantle the whole wall to install them?

So first of all relax and get calm! the solution does not of course require dismantling the wall!

When it comes to public buildings the options for insulation of the walls are many more.

Different insulation materials can be used and the design options are varied,

unlike a private house where we want to keep the appearance of walls as close as possible to the standard.

In addition to plasterboard tiles, decorative acoustic panels, perforated wood panels and other materials can be used to absorb the insulation.

Acoustics for walls

The acoustic solution for your wall is just ACOUSTIMA®