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    3D panels Design Competition!

    Now we offer you 50% discount on our 3D Acoustic panels to those who will offer us new shapes for 3D panels. Your drawing should be sent to our email address export@acoustima.com and we will get back each one of you in 24 hours with answers and we will also announce in this forum about the winners of the competition.

    The winners of the competition will get 50% discount on our 3D panels!!!

    So are you going to suprise us with your new innovative design ideas? This campaign starts today and runs until 10.3.2018

    And for the meantime watch our Acoustima spin® panel!

    The Acoustima spin® panel is now available at a low price in a size of 60×60 per each panel… The ultimate solution for those looking to get high acoustics performance together with an impressive aesthetic look and innovative design,
    The installation is very simple, use wall glue and just paste it.
    The main use of the panel is mainly in cinemas, but many also choose to use it in auditorium and conference rooms in the public and private sectors.
    A new idea that came up is actually why not use the panel in preparing partitions between office desks.
    Or it is also possible to create acoustic sitting pods areas using this panel or other panels from our three-dimensional acoustic panel series .

    Acoustima spin® panel photo2

    Acoustima spin® panel photo2

    Acoustima spin® panel photo

    Acoustima spin® panel photo

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    The idea behind acoustic corners (Acoustic pods) was created to meet the need for intimate encounters within the existing office space or within a noisy commercial center. In addition, these acoustic corners allow for proper working conditions in noisy areas.

    It’s amazing how much it works! You go into a big office and everyone talks You hear almost everything And then you look at that corner … There’s a little acoustic structure and you have no idea what’s going on inside it … Only if you come in you can hear who’s talking inside or maybe he’s standing empty.

    It’s amazing to use these corners at airports when you want to give people a place to sit quietly and work in a loft or just sit quietly and relax.

    These corners simply create a human-protected womb in a world of noise and chaos all around. There is no doubt that this acoustic solution must be adopted for all public buildings … in universities, colleges, schools, the hotel lobby, shopping centers and malls, and of course at airports.

    For Acoustic corners (Acoustic pods) contact with us :





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