The idea behind acoustic corners (Acoustic pods) was created to meet the need for intimate encounters within the existing office space or within a noisy commercial center. In addition, these acoustic corners allow for proper working conditions in noisy areas.

It’s amazing how much it works! You go into a big office and everyone talks You hear almost everything And then you look at that corner … There’s a little acoustic structure and you have no idea what’s going on inside it … Only if you come in you can hear who’s talking inside or maybe he’s standing empty.

It’s amazing to use these corners at airports when you want to give people a place to sit quietly and work in a loft or just sit quietly and relax.

These corners simply create a human-protected womb in a world of noise and chaos all around. There is no doubt that this acoustic solution must be adopted for all public buildings … in universities, colleges, schools, the hotel lobby, shopping centers and malls, and of course at airports.

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