What like the buildings of 2018 will be look like?

It is difficult to predict the future, but it is very reasonable to assume that as modern construction grows, so does the need for efficient solutions to prevent noise problems in buildings or lets say it in more professional language what is called the level of the acoustic value in buildings. The role of the acoustic panels, which are installed on the wall and ceiling, is to absorb these noises in order to prevent the echo effect that occurs in large empty spaces or in places where the ceiling is high.

One thing is sure that all interior designers from the best in the world and the most benign in the world all agree and know that the modern design of 2018 must include more and more elements that give expression to the acoustic value in the building.

One of the most impressive solutions that also give an innovative neural look to the structures and also significantly improve the level of acoustics in the structure and blocking the echo created in large spaces, is the panel called Canopy panel and Baffle panel

These panels are hung on the ceiling with a metal wire. When you look in front of you see different shapes hanging from the ceiling at different heights . There is no doubt that the Canopy panel and Baffle panel should be both increasingly used today in public buildings and even in offices and private homes. The panel gives a design look to the room and also helps to deal with noise problems in buildings.

You can purchase the panel at a surprising price!

Canopy panel and Baffle panel


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