The best materials for acoustic panels

There is no doubt that the top Acoustic material in the list of the best materials for Acoustic panels is the Rockwool ,

Rockwool provides the highest level of acoustics at a density of about 110 or at his maximum density of 150.

Another possible material as an alternative to Rockwool for those who have allergy to it, can be the Anti flame

injected foam that is the same material which we use for the producing of our Auditorium seating.

Apart from these two materials Rock wool and injected foam, all other materials in the market are problematic

because either they do not provide the maximum acoustic quality or because they allergic and pollutants for human

and the environment.

Therefore we will recommend our panels made of rockwool or panels made of injected foam in molds.

The field of wooden Acoustic panels it is another topic, it is another area in itself and should not be compared to the

Acoustic fabric panels , since this is a completely different school.

Most of the customers who are looking for wooden panels will not hurry to give up the wooden in favor of fabric

Acoustic panels, the wood has something beyond the high acoustics it gives it is also a design choice which is very

different from the choice of Acoustic fabric panels .

To install panels from the fabric does not require much experience, and can be glued to the wall with silicone glue,

however wooden panels require professional installation with pre-prepared wall profile.

You may choose Acoustic wooden paneling or Acoustic fabric paneling made rock wool or made injected foam in molds.

In both cases we will support you to with your choice and will help you and produce for you what you are looking for.

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Rockwool panels by Acoustima®

Rockwool panels by Acoustima®