Suspending ceiling acoustic panel :

While sound waves are emitting almost all time. It can make discomfort. Sometimes we need it loudly other times we wish that it is quiet. Songs tend to be warmer, more exciting, full, and reverberating.

Not to mention nearly all things in the surrounding produce noise. A sound absorber is needed, that does not take up much space and fits all places (houses, offices, schools … etc)

Acoustic suspended ceiling tiles are good solution for improving the acoustical qualities of any space, which controls the amount and quality of sound reaching a stand.

Two factors are important for healthcare facilities are Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) and Ceiling Attenuation Class (CAC). Changing these rates, we can get performing can reduce noise by 55 – 70 %.

So that, there are a lot of kinds of suspending acoustic panels according to the materials it contains, these materials differ in their acoustic absorption coefficients.

Such as:

  1. Polyester Acoustic Panels: are sound absorbing panels developed with environmental friendliness in mind. These Panels are a good alternative to a traditional fabric wrapped fiberglass panel.
  2. Acoustical foam: used for acoustic treatment. It attenuates airborne sound waves by increasing air resistance, thus reducing the amplitude of the waves. The energy is dissipated as heat. [citation needed] Acoustic foam can be made in several different colours, sizes and thickness.
  3. Glass fiber ceiling tiles are an excellent choice for a variety of ceiling grid applications requiring high absorption and material that looks as good as it sounds.
  4. Ceiling clouds hang horizontally to reduce reflected sound in areas such as theaters, restaurants… etc.
  5. Expanded perforated metal: is suitable for areas that require frequent revisions expanded metal design and durable Impact Resistant.

A method for refurbishing a suspended acoustical tile ceiling when the acoustical tiles become soiled, the suspended tile ceiling includes a plurality of soiled suspended tile supporting members arranged in a grid formation, said supporting members supporting a tile by engaging a perimeter portion of each tile, said method comprising inserting a tile insert beneath each soiled tile, said insert being of a size to correspond with the size of the soiled tile whereby said supporting members support said tile insert beneath and thereby covering said soiled tile, said tile insert comprising a thin layer of substantially rigid material with a plurality of holes extending therethrough in the form of an acoustical pattern of holes, said tile insert having a front face which is of washable material, a moisture barrier layer being affixed to a rear face of said tile insert whereby said barrier layer cover said holes and isolates said insert tile rear face from said soiled acoustical tile.

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