A stretch ceiling is the next thing in the design

Why do we see stretch ceilings as the next thing in design?

Because it is a simple and efficient solution to create innovative design in your space whether it is in a public place or

a Private in space.

In fact stretch ceilings are a digital printed visual on a special PVC fabric that stretched on a metal profile frame

while behind it there is LED lights installed .

The result is very impressive as you can see in the picture.

It inspires the audience and attracts the crowd to gather in places where there are stretch ceilings …

Everyone wants to raise their heads and look up at this impressive thing, children and adults all

They are fascinated by it.

We produce & install for our customers to stretch ceilings with the design they choose.

We take full responsibility from production to installation.

Contact us for more details.

stretch ceiling by Acoustima®

stretch ceiling by Acoustima®