The absorption of the sound in the panels is made possible by the core material which the panels have been made of,

the core material absorbs the sound inside it, thus preventing the sound from spreading in space and creating


Only a panel of high-quality core material with a professional acoustic materials can do the job,

otherwise everything you get is just an appearance and nothing to do with improving the acoustics in your building.

Now before we will tell you about what we apply in our sound absorbing panels,

we must to tell you that you should not confuse with our Acoustic soundproofing panels to our Absorption panels…

the job of the soundproof Acoustic panels is to block the sounds or keep the sounds from running your room and

these are good when you want to block sounds and echo from coming to your room or for the reason that you want

the sound in your room to stay inside and not to go outside of the room.


But Absorbing Acoustic panels have diffrent mission, their job is to collect the sound and to swallow it inside their

self but later the sound will go out of them again to the space,

so the Absorbing Acoustic panels will help to deal with echo sounds but they will not be effective if your wish will be

to block sounds which comes from outside or when you want to keep the sounds inside your room.

So for summary if you want to get soundproofing Acoustic panels you may choose from our Classic Acoustic


But if want to avoid echo in your room and to reduce the level of echo in your room which caused by noise that

starts in your room so you may use our wooden Perforated panels or our 3D Acoustical panels which made of

injected anti flame foam that can swallow the sound.

Important note is that our 3D Acoustical panels can be produced both for absorption needs or

for soundproofing needs.

The Acoustima Triangle®3

The Acoustima Triangle®3

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