Multi-purpose hall

Building a new construction is something very costly especially ones that are huge, luxe, and have goal to their own application. Imagine all contributor in a building ‘like theatre’ engineers, workers, materials, ground, furniture…. Etc.

Ones which need a specific sound performance utilization like opera hall,
theatre, cinema, concert, and speech each one needs its own design for
structure and added acoustic panels because they differ in their behaviour to sound like reverberation time, clarity, warmness, and other acoustic
parameters. These acoustical characteristics of a hall depend on cubic volume, interior shape, density of materials and on surfaces and size, spacing and number of the chairs, carpets or other sound absorbing materials.

The acoustical quantity that can be measured fundamentally is the reverberation time.
As a reference for the acoustic design, this specifies the preferred mid-
frequency reverberation time depending on the type of music (amplified
music, loud acoustic music and quiet acoustic music) as a function of room
Also the study of Acoustical characteristics of a hall either before or after
construction and describing the architectural features of a multipurpose hall which is used for lectures, musical performances, and other cultural events are very important.

For example, the hall for amplified music has a volume around 1800 m3 and the corresponding recommended reverberation time is 0.7 – 0.9 s. The hall for acoustic music has a volume of around 3300 m3 and the corresponding reverberation time for loud music is 1.4 – 1.8 s.

For quiet music, the reverberation time could be longer than 1.8 s, up to about 2.2 s.

The following conclusion can be drawn: hall which is too small (volume, height) and has too short reverberation time to work well for acoustic music, and the limited size of the stage will limit the hall to small ensembles applying sound reinforcing equipment.

In other words, the hall will be best suited for amplified music, even though more bass absorption would be feasible. The reverberation time will be suited for speech as well. The hall will be acoustically satisfying for other planned activities such as children theatre, debates and authors reading aloud.

Important success factors for achieving satisfying room acoustics within these halls will be as follows:

  • Fine tuning of the diffusing/curved walls in the multipurpose hall.
    optimising the bass absorption in particular (stiffness of curved plates, depth of cavity and amount of mineral wool in the cavity).
  • Choosing sound-absorbing curtains of high quality in the multipurpose hall of
    the library; read thick/heavy curtains with a generous cavity between the curtain and the glass walls, again in order to achieve sufficient bass absorption.

It is observed that the measured and simulated RT values have better
agreement. This indicates that the decay is completely linear and the hall has attained a satisfactory diffuse sound field. The acoustical parameters and the materials used have resulted in deciding the acoustical quality of the hall.

For profit, utility, efficiency, and of course economy destinations. Multi-
purpose hall is designed to reach the perfect sound performance for many
implementations. It changes its shape to fit sound conditions that are used for.
In addition to this acoustic panels can appear/disappear or change its angle to reflect more/fewer acoustic waves due to their necessity.

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