The importance of the upholstery in auditorium seats

The fabric or the leather lining the auditorium seats is very important, since auditoriums come into contact with

drinking and food, and no matter how much we are forbidden to bring food and drinks to the auditorium,

food and drinks will always enter there and they can damage the seat if the upholstery  material in which the seats

are upholstered is not quality enough. Therefore we suggest that you do not compromise on the type of fabric you

choose to pad the seats. In our fabric catalog you can find many quality fabric options for upholstering the seats .

The important rule in our company is that even when the customer asks for a discount for auditorium seats in any

situation, we will always offer upholstery fabric that meets basic standards such as water resistance and simple

cleaning ability. Of course all our upholstery fabric include a basic flame retardant.

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