High Acoustic Performance

High acoustic performance is achievable thanks to acoustic panels and their insulating core material called


As the density of rockwool is at a higher level so also it’s acoustic performance  will improve dramatically.

While in the market it is customary to use acoustic panels in which the density of rockwool ranges is from 80 to 95,

we produce our acoustic panels with in rockwool at a density of 110 or 120!

This, of course, has an impact on the quality of our panels and their ability to deal with particularly noisy locations

and provide an effective solution for isolating space noise.

It is highly recommended that you examine the quality of our Acoustic panels and check our prices for Acoustic wall

panels and ceiling panels before you make an order in another place.

We believe we have a winning product at a funny price!

Definitely to consult with us before you buy Acoustic panels elsewhere.

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