Acoustima Pyramid® panel

Our Acoustima Pyramid® panel Acoustic panel witn non allergic substances is really one of the best choice

when you want to get both esthetic look beside

high acoustic performances. In addition, the panel’s advantage is that it does not contain any allergic substances.

Many people are allergic to substances such as Rockwool and Glasswool.

But our 3D Acoustic panels including the Acoustima Pyramid® panel are produce in polyurethane molding

And with covered of Acoustic fabric, that is  ensures for most people that they will not have an allergy when they are

in a place where these panels are installed.

We can assure you that also in terms of price you will not regret you heard about our 3D Acoustic panels and the Acoustima Pyramid® panel

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Acoustima Pyramid®3

Acoustima Pyramid®