Whether it is a large concert hall or a small music room in the school, both need an appropriate acoustic solution.

An appropriate acoustic solution that will help to create an atmosphere in the hall for the music,

Such an atmosphere can be only provides by using the correct acoustic panels,

There must be a combination of panels that receive the sound and swallows to sound in order to avoid echo ,

And panels that serve as a sound blockers to prevent the sound from escaping from the room and also to block noises

From outside the hall that may interfere with the music performed in the hall.

We can not tell you that we are experts in design and design acoustics,

For this what you need to do is to consult with A professional acoustic engineer,

But we are certainly the right address for the production of professional acoustic panels,

We produce panels that absorbs sound and panels that block sound.

All of our panels are meticulously designed for the smallest details and meet all the strict standards of fire resistance,

All our panels have passed an acoustic test in the laboratory and have been found to be particularly effective.

We’d love to share more information with you, just contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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