Acoustical Solutions for Schools

Can you imagine if there is alot of children in the room how it will be?!!,
or the level of the noise inside and outside the room?!
This noise is one of mainly problems in the schools zones (such as
lecture halls, Auditoriums,gymnasium, multi-purposed rooms, ….etc)
that needs acoustical solution.
In the recent years; Acoustima® acoustic panel by Seatup Turkey®
developed a wide range of acoustical solutions for schools in mean of
helping in the effective education without noise. This acheived when:

  1. Reduce the disturbance from background.
  2. Make sure the whole school gets proper acoustic treatment.
  3. Choose safe products.
    One of the acoustical solutions that Acoustima® offers is colorful, multi-shaped and safety 3D acoustic
    panels that absorb or proof the sound inside and outside the room. As
    well as Seatup Turkey® also offers lecture hall’s seats which is
    acoustically tested. These seats are made from a high-quality fabric
    which has acoustic properties.
    Also, Acoustima® achieves that the gymnisium treated acoustically by installing wooden acoustic panels which controlling heat and sound in the space.

In addition; Acoustima® produced acoustical solutions for Auditorium in the mean of installing acoustic panels on the walls, using acoustical suspending cieling, add acoustical carpets or the most important acoustical solution for schools and for Auditorium escpetaily the Seatup Turkey® also produced are seating solutions.
Seatup Turkey® offers a special series for the Auditorium seat with
acoustical properties,which you can check it from the online cataloge:
Finally, if you acheive this factors there will be many benefits for both
students and teachers just like: Greater understanding of speech, Lower
stress levels and blood pressure, Better reading ability and test results for
students and Less voice problems for teachers.
if you are intersting in providing a comfotable enviroment helps in the
ideal effictive education without any noise, you just have to call us:

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