Acoustical solutions for hospitals

Noise in hospitals:
Florence Nightingale (1859) said:
“Unnecessary noise, then, is the cruellest absence of care which can be
inflicted either on sick or well “
As you know hospitals must have a controlled sound level and we all maintain on our quietness when we visit a patient. However, there are many noise sources like speakers’ voice or devices, but WHY that is important issue?

According to US National Library of Medicine Critical Care Journal:
The report noted that noise levels in intensive care units ranged from 50 to 75 dBA, with the highest night peak level even reaching 103 dBA (louder than a lawnmower).

The problem of Noise in hospitals can cause calamity effects which strongly
match sick aside from doctors and employees.
Someone who is a doctor says ”We do mistakes because we can’t hear what is said!”
In additional, sleep and restorative periods should be regular for ill people if not then, additional medication required surgical patients when SPL >60dB (sound pressure level) due to Noise in hospitals.
Noise levels in Johns Hopkins Hospital shows Frequency and Neighbourhood Effects on Auditory Perception of Drug Names in Noise (Lambert) that 3.9 million “wrong drug” errors in US retail pharmacies each year.

(e.g., Zyrtec/Zyprexa, Celebrex/Celexa, Toradol/Tapazole), many due to
confusion between similar names confusion.
Acoustima® acoustic panel by Seatup Turkey® provide acoustical solutions for Noise in hospitals involves insulator solutions and acoustic panels which have absorptivity up to 0.9. Some important numbers about Noise in hospitals:
World Health Organization:
– 0.6 sec reverberation time for patient rooms.
– Lmax(A) no more than 40 dB(A).
– Leq of 30 dB(A) in rooms.

ANSI Standard:
– RC(N) values of 25-45 (Room criteria measures have been developed to
evaluate existing background noise levels in rooms).
– Ldn of no more than 45 dB(A).

Different collection of acoustic panels for celling, walls, flour, and furniture
with changing the materials (foam, fabric, metal, wooden, and plastic), color, and style Acoustima® products are recommended too.

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