Do you remember what do you feel when you were in a big football match
especially when it is your favorite team and How much excited were you?

A Good Acoustical in Stadiums it what make your experience in the stadium to be so much exciting.
Yet a bad Acoustical in Stadiums make us feel bad because of the annoying sounds which can come from everywhere, to have the best football game that we can imagine you should also have the best level of the
Acoustical in Stadiums .

In the last 20 years; Acoustima® acoustic panel by Seatup Turkey® has been developed a lot of acoustical solutions for stadiums to achieve a comfortable, desirable and excited environment.

The acoustical solutions in a stadium give you a good atmosphere at the sport medium for both of the audience and the players in the court, and these acoustical solutions make a big difference in the stadium.

The fundamental factor that Acoustima® acoustic panel by Seatup Turkey® uses for solve the acoustical problems in the stadium is obtaining an optimum level sound without being annoying by equip the stadium’s walls with a number of reflecting and absorbing surfaces which is acoustical panels.
In other words; the acoustical solutions of the stadiums that Acoustima® acoustic panel by Seatup Turkey® offer depends on the unique need that your project require, we consider the acoustic level of the seats and the ceilings to be also very important factor for A Good Acoustical in Stadiums .

Firstly, one of the best acoustical solutions for stadiums that
Seatup Turkey® offers is the stadium seats by them self , seats which made of high quality injection machines of plastic mould or seat with Acoustic fabric upholstery can be very important factor that help to achieve
Acoustical in Stadiums .

Seatup Turkey® offer plenty of types of Stadium seats in different colors with high-quality materials such as polyproplane (plastic) which has high acoustical properties in sound absorbing where its NRC rating is around 0.9. or may made by wood. these seats are manufactured and acoustically test in Acoustima® acoustic panel by Seatup Turkey® factory as well.

Seatup Turkey® offers a special collection of VIP seats In addition; the second acoustical solution for stadium is acoustic panels.
Acoustima® acoustic panel by Seatup Turkey® offers a high-quality, absorptivity and executive acoustic panels which will installed on the stadium’s walls to prevent the echoes in the space which is mainly produced by the loudspeakers;
collect all the unwanted sound and absorb it.
The acoustic panels that produced by Acoustima® acoustic panel by Seatup
Turkey® depends on its core material which has also high NCR rating such as foams and mineral wool, then these core materials cover by acoustical fabric to give the Aesthetic side to the stadium’s walls side by side to the acoustical solutions.

In summery; this briefly article may give you the trust to our products and make you contact us when you decide to have an acoustical; aesthetical and comfortable stadium.