Acoustic rooms:

Complaining about noise in the workplace can seem trivial to some, but excessive or continual sounds can affect the physical and mental health of employees such as (increased risk of accidents, stress, tinnitus, noise-induced hearing loss, and disturbance of speech communication)

Whether the noise is coming from office machines, chattering co-workers or construction, the effects can lead to an increase in disturbed emotions and a reduction in productivity.

In huge places like factories and offices in companies, the ability to control noise reaching the worker’s ears is inaccurate because the unwanted sounds come from multiple sources and the ordinary acoustic absorbing panels effect become low.

To ensure that employees are able to function properly, acoustic engineers improve a very creative solution which is acoustic rooms.

Acoustic rooms made from special materials which have a high value of sound absorption coefficient.

Acoustima® acoustic panel by Seatup Turkey® produces (fabric, wooden, foam, and metal) kinds.


“Article 5(1) of the directive requires that, taking into account technical progress and the measures available to control the risk at source, ‘the risks arising from exposure to noise shall be eliminated at their source or reduced to a minimum’. The directive also sets a new daily exposure limit value of 87 dB(A).”

The European Parliament and of the Council on the minimum health and safety requirements.

Acoustima® acoustic panel by Seatup Turkey® give workers a quiet, comfortable place to concentrate on the task at hand.

Acoustima® & SeatUp Turkey®


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