The idea of using acoustic panels in public spaces and public buildings is the result of an understanding that the public’s comfort in buildings depends on the quality of the architecture. What do we mean? Let’s just say it more simple: When you are in a place where every word that comes out of your mouth is heard in a resounding and resonant space and every conversation you hear sounds like a loud noise …

From this place you will want to escape as soon as possible! But in a building where your voice sounds clear even when you speak in a whisper, and around you the voice is quieter that such a space pleases you and you want to stay longer. And here is the unique contribution of acoustic panels because once the space becomes more pleasant the customer wants to stay longer , so when install acoustic panels in your store it will bring you more satisfied customers who are willing to stay in the store longer and buy more just because they feel comfortable there, of course this is especially true for cafes and restaurants and sales offices that many of the costumers who going there meet to conduct and to hold conversations and meetings, which mean the acoustic value in your store will be very important from them even if they are aware about it or not.

A good level of acoustics values in your site will help you to be able to sit in your office and concentrate on your work without worrying about all sorts of strange sounds that resonate at any time in your space.

Another advantage is that acoustic panels can add color and life to the buildings because they can be fabricated according to your requirements and you can also use a printed photo as a cover for the panel, or any other printed motif.

We offer our panels which are locally manufactured in Turkey, they are manufactured to the highest standards for the European market which we are a major part of it. Our panels can be panels can be produce in whatever thickness you choose, most people prefer a thickness of 20 millimeters or 40 millimeters which mean 2cm or 4cm .

Many also prefer to vary with panels manufactured in 3D shapes such as our paramedic panel or water-wave panel.

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