Quality of life requires increasingly strict standards; to protect people and/or their environment. One of the problems faced is sounded hustle.

How does it propagate?

Airborne transmission of sound: a noise source in one room sends air pressure waves which induce vibration to another place. That will be annoying and produce noise most times so sound insulation is applied to maximize the acoustic performance.

In our buildings, while walls block sound waves noise is basically transmitted through doors.

If doors do not meet the same acoustical requirements as the rest of the room, then the sound will easily pass through it to adjoining spaces. When fitted with the right door and sealing systems, the noise will be contained and controlled.

Soundproof acoustic doors which commonly made from wood are an ideal cost-effective Acoustima® acoustic panel by Seatup Turkey® solution because it does not need much coating but absorbs sound by its self moreover, they are suitable for a wide variety of applications in any room, office or hall.

They are tested to ISO standards and achieve an average level of sound reductions up to 55dB.   according to durability and sound transmission loss, other requirements may also apply, such as fire resistance and high thermal insulation.

Acoustima® acoustic panel by Seatup Turkey® also have a selection of door accessories which help in improving sound quality too. Whether it’s for new construction or retrofit, we can help!

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