Acoustic carpet, When a sound wave strikes one of the surfaces of a room, some of the sound energy is reflected back into the room and some penetrate the surface. The reflected wave makes reverberations or in other words “noise”.

To reduce noise, materials with high absorption coefficient should be added.

Acoustic carpet (Textile floor): is a kind of easy acoustic absorber for optimal room acoustics. By saying easy we mean reusable, availability of many colours and patterns models, and takes the same space as the normal carpet does as well.

carpets whose backs are clad with a specially developed membrane layer as well as felt in different thicknesses, textile flooring absorbs more noise than any hard floor.

This special backing coating reduces reverberation time by up to 40% compared with granolithic flooring and diminishes the sound of footsteps by up to 40 dB. This creates a relaxing atmosphere in every room.

Why acoustic carpet is full:

-To minimize noise which has health effects are the physical and psychological health consequences of regular exposure, to consistently elevated sound levels.

-Improve the quality of sound reaching the listener’s ear.

-Carpet is already used for ordinary purposes, you will get special features when it made of acoustic proofing fiber.

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