Product Description :

The “baffle”, which is a different application in acoustic floating ceiling systems, is covered with both sides of fabric and hanging with the suspension apparatus in the desired length.

In this respect, it is the improvement of the interior mechanics and the decorative acoustic solution by providing the dull damping reflected on the ceiling surfaces. The baffle panel mounted on a string and exposed to the double side of the room, the baffle panel is one of the most effective ways to reduce echo and noise.

The baffle panel can be use in Multipurpose rooms and large areas which needed to be reduce from echoing of extreme sound waves such as industrial facilities, sports halls, stadiums, concert halls. Special thicknesses from 20mm to 50mm and surface and color options from 15mmx30mm to 60cmx240cm and 120cmx240cm in custom sizes. All headings have a suspension system kit for easy installation.

You can create a unique ceiling design with various heights by customizing the height using the hangers of the suspension system kit.