What is the sound absorption, which acoustic panels are perfect for your project and which material you should use in your acoustic panels, is the must important think that you should know before you start your project.

Acoustima have been developed a lot of sound absorbing material which give a high-absorptivity with high- quality materials. These panels absorb sound have a mechanism of collecting the sound waves and overwhelm it (absorb it and convert its energy to another energy), additionally it deals with the echoes or the reflected sound in the room.

The material that we used in the panels which can absorb the sound is mainly consist of open celled, such as foams, glass wool, mineral wool, and even open-weave carpets are effective material as absorbers if they are backed with a solid surface.

However, the best acoustic panels Acoustima® acoustic panel by Seatup Turkey® produced to solve those problems and avoid the noise from echoes may be the 3D acoustic panel, wooden acoustic panels and fabric acoustic panels.

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