How to decide between fabric panel to wooden panel?

The most two common kinds of acoustic panels are wooden panel and fabric panel so what are they and how can you decide between them?

First of all, let us recognize, what is Acoustic Fabric panel?

Put simply, an “Acoustic Fabric panel” is an acoustically transparent fabric panel (which means sound can transmit through it to be absorbed that is, penetrable to sound waves) and its core material is foam.

Sometimes acoustic treatment products, including acoustic panels, are covered with acoustic fabric for aesthetic reasons.

The acoustic fabrics used in front of the panels are woven from the materials resistant to corrosion, discoloration, and fire. According to the request, Acoustima® acoustic panel by Seatup Turkey® can design any colour you prefer.

          What about acoustic wood panels?

Wood and wood-base materials frequently are used as interior finish in buildings where sound absorption needs to be estimated to compare the effectiveness of different materials.

Wood acoustic panels come in two main types. First, you have sound diffusion and then sound absorption wood acoustic panels.

If you choose the correct wood , you can create a warm and clear sound.

Areas of Use of both:

Our products are used in theatre halls, concert halls, cinema halls, hotel lobbies, mosques, churches, airport and bus terminals, train stations, subway and train cars, subway stations, yachts and ship halls, music recording studios, , discos, hotels, big restaurants, libraries, classrooms, congress halls, wedding halls, big shopping malls, hotel meeting rooms, administration buildings, open offices, indoor swimming pools, polygons, multi-purpose halls, wireless operating rooms, radio stations, sound recording studios, TV studios, film sets, university halls, law courts, and hearing courts.

So that, choosing either one of them depends on its application.

In general, the fiber can be in different colors fixed onto any furniture.

On the other hand, wood panels are fixed on the floor, ceiling, and walls.

Important factors that both materials have high are absorption coefficient and NRC.

our experts will be happy to help you to choose the right Acoustic panels which you need for your project, just contact us now and get offer in the following few hours .

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