Canopy Acoustic panel

When one is looking for protect his space from noise by the means of a structure enveloping a noise source (for example a machine), designed for protecting the environment from this noise source. Acoustima® acoustic panel by Seatup Turkey® offers a wide range of acoustic canopies for many applications of sound proofing / acoustic insulation related to the protection of workers against noise.

Acoustima® acoustic panel by Seatup Turkey® has a powerful solution in response to all the needs in the means of sound proofing by using ergonomic equipment with high- quality of design and execution which meets the highest level of requirement in this area for an efficient proof against unwanted sound to improve the conditions of work within the space.

The acoustic canopies designed by Acoustima® acoustic panel by Seatup Turkey® allow the treatment at source of noisy machines and equipment, and they can always be un-installed for a re-installation in a different place. They are usually made of coated metallic sound proofing panels with an insulation made of mineral fiber (walls, roof and if needed: floor) and equipped with painted metallic acoustic doors and of acoustic windows with safety glass.

Regarding products and construction systems proposed by Acoustima® acoustic panel by Seatup Turkey® their performance is measured according to the current standards of Measurement of sound insulation in buildings.

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